How can we help you?

Please contact us via the following email: info@riyali.com

Or by through number: 920001350

Clubs can collaborate with other university clubs to carry out activities together through Riyali portal.

The Joint Club is optional for the clubs that wish to collaborate with each other clubs to execute new ideas together as an activity or competition between the two universities, for more information refer to the club toolkit and follow the required procedures.

The subject of the event/activity is related to financial Literacy.

Contains an educational objective and a message.

The club supervisor’s approval of the event/activity.

Filling out the activity description form.

The content library contains all the events/activities offered by Riyali that you can implement, but there is no limit to creativity with Riyali Club! You can also create a new event or activity, to create a new event follow the steps in the club toolkit.

There might be a slight delay between completing the registration process and receiving the activation mail. If the problem persists, please contact us at info@riyali.com .

Click on the “Login” button at the top of the main page, then click on the “Forgot your password” button and follow the steps shown to receive a message on the email registered with us.

You can participate by visiting the link here and clicking on the “Register as a participant” button on the main page, then filling in the registration information.

All announced activities are to be executed at the club’s university campus, with the possibility of implementing some activities virtually .

Great! The course offered has been designed to suit the targeted group of your age and needs( university students). For more information, you can go to riyali.com and register with the login information used here to view and enroll in other courses.

Seriousness and commitment: the commitment to perform the duties assigned to the fullest.

Enthusiasm and Initiative:  Coming up with new ideas (Creative Thinking).

Genuine Interest in financial literacy.

If there is an active club at your university, you can contact the club supervisor at your university, or apply for the presidency of the club at your university from here.

You can refer to Shabab Riyali Course program as well as the tools and materials resources available on Riyali website here.

  • Capability and seriousness of the student.
  • Submission  of a comprehensive financial plan by the student.
  • Completion of Riyali program.
  • Passing the personal interview (assessment of personal characteristics).

Fill out the club activation request form.

Choose of club members (6 members).

Choose your club supervisor (from the university).

Submit a financial plan for the club’s management.

Completion of the Riyali program and obtaining the certificate.

The status of the request will be updated on your dashboard on the site as soon as possible, and you will be notified via your registered email. Please check the registered email for updates.

You can check if your university has an active club by going to the club directory here.

Riyali is a financial awareness program offered by SEDCO Holding Company as part of its social initiatives, which aims to enhance financial awareness among various segments of society,to develop their skills and provide them with the knowledge to enable them to face their financial responsibilities for a better life.

Riyali Club for Universities, which targets university students from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aims to spread financial knowledge among university students ,to provide them with different life skills within the educational system through extra-curricular activities, and to build a sustainable relationship with universities through the implementation of Riyali program and activation The student’s role in it, as a member, participant, or a  beneficiary. 

The program will be implemented by creating a digital platform for university students to facilitate communication, share experiences, and conduct activities related to financial literacy at the community level.